A while back I wrote some articles on a couple of other blogs on how investing for retirement is different than investing in retirement. I’ve had some really positive feedback on these columns so I thought I would share with you 6 of my favorite articles on why retirees need to be more conservative with their portfolios.

Variable Returns Can Work Against You in Retirement On

One of the problems of return projections in the financial industry is that most of the math is modeled on a straight line. For example, the math on a 7% average return really assumes that you make 7% per year each and every year. If you think about it, the rate of return is really the slope between 2 points – a start point and an end point. If you had a 9% return, the slope would be steeper. If you had a 5% return, the line would be flatter. Read the article to find out why this is a problem.

Investing IN Retirement Is Different Than Investing FOR Retirement on

I think investing FOR retirement is a well-covered topic. This makes sense because the majority of Canadians are still not retired and still planning for retirement. I think things are about to change! Investing IN retirement is going to become a bigger and bigger deal – a huge deal! It will represent the future because of a group of people known as the Baby Boomers. Read this article to recognize the differences so you don’t get caught in one of the biggest and most important transitions in life.

Be aware of the retirement risk zone

One of the less commonly discussed risks of retirement is the risk of having too much market risk in your portfolio at a time when you need income. This risk is not new but thanks to some work by Manulife Financial and Dr Moshe Milevsky, a professor at York University, they are creating a new awareness for something they call the retirement risk zone. Read this article to find out how the retirement risk zone can eat away at your retirement assets.

Take control of your portfolio before you retire

I suggest that people who are three to 5 years from retirement need to get serious about it and start making sure their portfolios are positioned so there are in control over their retirement date. If you don’t agree, read this article for some stories about real people that might get you thinking.

Markets hit retirees the hardest

Stock markets around the world have depressed, scared and concerned a lot of people. Anyone that has money in the markets has felt the risks of stock market investing. For most people, the advice coming from the financial industry is hang in there and eventually things will come back. While this may be true in most cases, retirees drawing income from their portfolios may not have as much time to wait. Read this article to learn why retirees got hit the hardest.

Retirees should be more conservative with their portfolios

While investing in higher risk investments has become the norm, it is crucially important for retirees and those approaching retirement to be more conservative. It is pretty well known in the investment world that the older you get, the more conservative you should be. Let’s look at three risks of having too much risk in your portfolio when you are older

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