Below are Six  low capital but profitable businesses for Retirees that can be started from home 

1.     Ebay trading – There was a survey carried out that most households have at least $1000  worth of products that they no longer require that can be sold on ebay.. For free training on how to become a Powerseller on ebay go to 

2.     Affiliate marketing – selling other peoples products for a commission. This is a simple strategy anyone can do as you don’t carry stock, don’t need a website, you don’t handle the sales  processing or customer. Go to  for training on how to get started.           

3.     Become a Published Author  - A book written by you tells the world you are an authority in your field. Publishing a book is a great way to earn an income from the road, because no matter where you go, your book is going to be earning money for you. Learn more about how to become a Best Selling Published Author at 

4.     Blogging. - Blogging is a website (don't worry no website skills needed) that you update every day with posts about your chosen subject. Pick a market niche you're familiar with as the topic for your blog. Every day post on your blog. Of course that's not all you need to do. You have to get people to your blog to read it and hopefully click on your paid adverts, or on the products you're promoting as an affiliate. To learn how to create money making blogs go to

 5..  Start a network marketing business online and grow your team across the globe : Network marketing business helps you profit from your own effort as well as leveraging on the efforts of others. There are many network marketing business around that are good and help you to build wealth. However if you are not the kind of person that can carry and market physical products around for sale, you might want to consider an online that you are able to market to anybody in the world. Some of these online network marketing businesses are into discount travel, tutoring etc Search on google or check out 

6.  Start your own internet business selling information products

Starting a business on the internet has many advantages, it has low operating cost, it is economical to run, and you are open for business twenty four hours daily while you are able to run your business from anywhere in the world with internet access.  It is one of the best line of business to start with low capital and the opportunities abound. You can market almost anything over the internet For free training and resources in starting your internet business please go to   

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