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Harness the Power of Impactful Keynote Speaking with Bibi Apampa - Inspiring, Engaging, Transformative

The International Coordinator of The Wealth Academy Africa

  Motivational Speaker and No1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Bibi Bunmi Apampa will show you how to Build and Grow Wealth, Become A Serial Entrepreneur Create Multiple Streams of Income For A Stress Free Retirement 

Discover how Bibi transforms events into unforgettable experiences with her motivational, powerful and insightful keynote messages. Join forces with Bibi to craft an event that will linger in your audience's  memories for years to come!

Multiple Award-Winning No1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Thought Leader,  Successful Serial Entrepreneur,  Top Inspirational Speaker, Chartered Accountant, Trainer, High Performance Business Coach 


Listening to Bibi Apampa you get a Super Wealth Coach, a Business Mentor and a Marketing Queen all in one! A unique and highly powerful combination! 

Let's get the best sustainable results possible within the quickest time frame. If you can dream the mountain ... 

            Bibi will help you climb it


Bibi Apampa is a leading figure in the field of financial advisory and retirement planning in Nigeria. With a background as a Chartered Accountant and extensive experience as Africa’s foremost Retirement Wealth Strategist, she has earned a reputation for providing trustworthy and insightful guidance to her clients. Bibi is widely recognized for her bestselling book, “How To Make Maximum Impact In Life,” which showcases her expertise in personal transformation and has resonated with readers seeking to achieve their full potential.

As “The Retirement Queen,” Bibi Apampa is celebrated not only for her motivational speaking prowess but also for her role as a business consultant. Armed with multiple High-Performance Coaching certifications, she offers invaluable insights into areas such as Transformational Leadership, Wealth Creation, and Financial Empowerment. At The Empowerment Centre Ltd and Wealth Academy Africa, Bibi leads transformative training programs that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Beyond her professional achievements, Bibi Apampa is deeply committed to empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures and retire comfortably. Her comprehensive financial advice and retirement planning services provide clients with a roadmap to financial independence and peace of mind. With Bibi’s guidance, countless individuals have embarked on a journey toward a secure and fulfilling retirement in Nigeria.

 5 Reasons to book Bibi Apampa to speak at your next event...

My Passion Is to Build People and Organizations into High Performance Players Making Maximum Impact All Round ...

Ø She knows what she’s talking about! With over 20years track record of building businesses and coaching success driven entrepreneurs across the world

Ø  Her proven, powerful, practical strategies deliver real results... 

Ø  She coaches business owners to unlock their hidden profits... 

Ø  As a Member of the Professional Speakers Association, she delivers presentations on business growth, sales, marketing, and wealth creation so you always get the message that is right for your audience...

Ø  Her presentations come with a better than 100% money back guarantee so you are risk free when you book her...

Bibi Apampa’s “Turbo” charged  training days are booked six months in advance so she’s getting booked up fast .… call her office now in uk tel (+44) 08450532813 or (234) 09090431690 connect using the CONTACT US page before your date is taken

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  • Building Retirement Wealth 
  • The Exponential Power of the brand known as YOU
  • Rich Retirement Planning
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Empowering the Women who empower the nation
  • Retirement Options 
  • Transformational Leadership Skills
  • Starting Your own Global Small business
  • Prosperous Retirement Planning
  •  Financial Freedom in 12months
  •  Debt Free Living
  •  Prospering in the current financial crisis
  • Sustainable Wealth Creation 
  • Marketing strategies for fast growth
  • Executive Stress management
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Healthy and Fit for life
  • Growing your own money tree
  •  Pillars of Kingdom wealth
  •   Make Maximum Impact - Rule Your World

  • The TOTAL Woman ~ How to Create Personal, Family, and Business Success”
  • Passive income Strategies
  • How to be a Superb Leader and Highly Successful Entrepreneur”
  • The Importance of Cultural Knowledge When Going Global"
  • The Power to W.O.W."
  • Earn it, Keep it, Grow it! Wise Money Management for Modern Times
  • Unleash Your Star Power!”
  • Instant Income Strategies Every Businesswoman Needs to Know: How to Monetize Your Business Immediately”
  • Become a Magnet for Funding as an Enlightened Entrepreneur
  • How to Take Your Business Global ~ It’s Easier Than You Think!”
  • How to Effortlessly Generate a Six Figure Income by Giving to Others."
  • Building 8 income Streams
  • Moving Through Stress Back to Productivity, Clarity, and Focus"
  • How to Lead Your Audience Powerfully While Being the Authentic and Feminine YOU!
  • Becoming A Celebrity Influencer

What 3 Key Concepts / Skills / Ideas Would You Like The Audience To Leave With? 

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Bibi Apampa’s “Turbo” charged  training days are booked six months in advance so

 she’s getting booked up fast …call her office now use the Contact Us   page before your date is taken!


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