Retirement Business Ideas – Future Cash cows

There are three ingredients for Happiness – something to do, something to love and something to hope for

In planning for a peaceful rich healthy retirement, it is important to have something that engages your mind, intellect and time which is why it is important to have a business you love in retirement.

As we all have different skill sets and interest, it will not be wise to recommend a business, however we will look at future “cash cows” which will guide us in our choice of the business to do in retirement.

        Healthcare & Wellness – People are living longer and are making heathier lifestyle choices. Businesses that can meet this need for fresh food, organic products, supplements, healthy natural alternatives to drugs, Geriatric care and activity centre are business ideas to be considered

        Coaching & Mentoring -

        Expertise & Specialisation

        Finishing School Boot camps

        Transformation Agents

        Freelancing, Virtual office

        Agric Processing, Storage & Haulage

        Self-publishing, Self-promotion, Digital coach

        eLearning Platforms /  

        Niche Information Products

        Lifestyle business – trends, fashion & passion

        Arts & Influencer marketing -

        Communication channels


Article by Bibi Bunmi Apampa, wealth strategist and high-performance business coach she can be reached at