Retirement Planning Consultant Nigeria

Bibi Apampa is a trusted Financial Advisor and Retirement Consultant, a leading expert on wealth building and creation of multiple streams of income. A Chartered Accountant and Africa’s foremost Retirement Wealth Strategist. 
I am celebrated for my bestselling book “How To Make Maximum Impact In Life,” highlighting my personal transformation expertise. Known as “The Retirement Queen,” I am an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and business consultant, boasting multiple High-Performance Coaching certifications. Leading The Empowerment Centre Ltd and Wealth Academy Africa, I offer transformative training in areas like Transformational Leadership, Wealth Creation, and Financial Empowerment. Trust me for your comprehensive financial advice at for more information on How to Become Wealthy Heathy and Wise, Succeed Excel and Prosper in Life while Building Wealth and Multiple Streams of Income for a Peaceful and Rich Retirement