Hello Family Members. Its Bibi Apampa here

Thank you for signing up for the Sustainable Retirement Wealth Workshop

This workshop will run in the evening 7pm-9pm via Zoom so you can join from the comfort of your home. It will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for 6months so you can go over it at your leisure

I will be taking the sessions personally so there will be opportunities to discuss and ask questions

I look forward to exciting interactive sessions with you as we go on this journey of building sustainable retirement wealth together

To enable us get maximum returns from our time together, kindly go through the checklist below

1. I hope you have join the Retirement Wealth WhatsApp group set up for the workshop please join if you were not redirected there after payment. The link is below

The WhatsApp group page will be disbanded and cancelled after the workshop. Its just to facilitate easy communication as the Zoom link for the workshop will be sent to you via the WhatsApp platform

2. The download links for the Bonus trainings are below kindly download and go over them at your leisure. It can be before or after the live workshop. Please click on the links or the image to either download them or watch them online

Become a Published Author on Amazon

Build and Grow your Personal Brand
Unadvertised Bonus

How to Create Passive Income and Live A Life of Financial Freedom
Wealth Creation Blueprint - created for investors who have little knowledge and are already investing their money. It aims to elevate your knowledge on how you can utilize the different types of available investment vehicles in the market (Real Estate, Precious Stones, Business) to create passive income that would ultimately assist you in achieving financial empowerment and freedom

Thank you for being a member of The Retirement Queen Family
I'm excited at the opportunity of interacting with you at the live workshop and working with you

I look forward to you achieving your goal of a Rich Peaceful Flourishing Retirement
God Bless You