The Future is Bright. Are You Future-Ready

Strategy sessions with The Retirement, Bibi Apampa is a paid intensive personalized one on one coaching session to help you become "Future-Ready" for a Happy, Rich, Peaceful Retirement with multiple Income Streams by developing a workable, personalized custom plan towards achieving your retirement goals 

We cover Managing New Beginnings which includes

    * The Transition plan from your career into retirement

    * Personal development training needed to bridge the gap 

    * Sustainable Retirement Wealth strategy

    * Building / Consolidating Passive Income Streams

    * Ageing gracefully to become Healthy & Fit4Life

    * Personalized Wisdom Plan - Legal Will, Generational Wealth

    * Leaving A Legacy

During the discussion some of the issues we will discuss in detail towards your personalized Strategy Plan are

1. Transition plan    

    * Mindset

    * Time management

    * Personal development 

    * Relationship management

2.  Your Sustainable Wealth Building Plan

    * Financial Planning & Investments Options

    * Money Management 

    * Passive Income Strategies

    * Retirement Business / side hustle

3. Your  Healthy & Fit4 Life plan

 *Eat Differently -Diet fitness

 *Act Differently-Body fitness

 *Think Differently - Lifestyle fitness 

 4. Your  Wisdom Plan

     * Spiritual Health - Peace with God and man

     * Will writing & digital will

     * Building Pillar Support team

     * Protecting your assets

     * Estate planning

     * Leaving a legacy

     * Nurturing your love circle

     * Passing the baton - Generational Wealth

5.  Ageing Gracefully Plan

     *What to watch

     *What to avoid

     *What to do

 6. Dream to Reality - Review of Personal Retirement Strategy and implementation Steps

At the end of the strategy session, you would know 

* Gaps that needs to be filled and what to do before the retirement date

* What to do in retirement - Different Business ideas and investments for sustainable cash flow to undertake in retirement based on skillset, capital, interest, working experience and location

* Personalized Wealth building and Investment strategy

* Template for the legal and digital will 

* Workable plan to stay healthy and fit for life 

* Leaving a good legacy

The Future is bright, Are you Ready. Connect with the Retirement Queen to become Future-Ready

Book this 60-min strategy session to pick my brain, bounce off ideas,

brainstorm together, and start mapping out your plan of action


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